About the Artist

Artist’s Statement


My life size figure drawings take many hours to create but the initial concept and final work is after an intimate, gut response to a moment in time. This, I feel, moves it beyond the physical realm and renders the complexity and energy of the human essence; attempting to tap into what’s inside the body and form.  Costume can hide some of what’s going on inside, covering up the emotions and that which is genuine. The visible form allows viewers to be exposed to the inner workings of the subject.

Is not until I distance myself from my work that I come to see it in a separate time and space, and experience it’s immediacy. Immediacy that is both reflective of our times and paradox to the time-consuming process of classical anatomy. Bridging the past traditions of rendering the human form to contemporary Art, expressing emotions universally relevant to our times and way of life. Attempting to push the boundaries of classical anatomical study into the realm of contemporary fine art.

“My work is like the art of a dancer: I use my body movement to express my ideas… but, instead of live performance my choice medium for expression is still images in charcoal and paint.”

Curriculum Vitae